Sliding Doors

Sliding doors are particularly elegant in appearance and harmonises exceptionally well in to sophisticated facades.

Sliding doors are also an economical choice, due to the design of the sliding doors, the wear and tear on the door over its life time is minimal, therefore extending its life greatly.

We have many doors which we installed over 15 years ago and are still in operation today.

Our standard and emergency exit automatic sliding doors are compliant with BS EN 16005.

Swing Doors

Swing doors can be the flexible alternative.

Swing doors are available in 3 varieties, manual, low energy or fully automated.

A manually operated swing door can sometimes become too difficult to operate, using our swing door operator it easy to turn the manual door into a fully automated or low energy door.

Our standard and emergency exit automatic swing doors are compliant with BS EN 16005.

Revolving Doors

We are able to offer an extensive range of revolving doors which are produced by GU Automatic GmbH to your specific specification.

There are many variations of revolving doors to choose from. This allows you the customer to have a truly bespoke door designed, fabricated and installed applicable to your individual requirements, which is developed using German technology and knowhow.

All our revolving doors are compliant with BS EN 16005.

Thermal Commercial Doors

The Jack Thermal door was introduced to the market on our stand at Ecobuild 2012. It has excellent green credentials and is able to offer excellent U Values. On a 1000mm wide door it achieves a u value of 2W/m2K.

Due the thermally broken framing system, the doors have an outstanding strength and robustness, giving the customer additional security.


Access Control Systems

All working environments need some form of access control which can become complicated in a large multiuser building especially if its using keys.

Access Control Systems are the ideal solution. Rather than using keys, you can use an individual fob which can be set up to allow access to either all areas or specific areas only. This can be changed accordingly to the business and building needs.

Likewise should a fob be lost, rather than having to replace locks which can be an expensive exercise all you need to do is bar the fob. And what is even better, should it then be found again it can be reactivated again.

Access control gives you the piece of are able to control who goes in and out of your premises, when, into which areas. It’s the perfect solution.